What to Do When You Have a Removal Hearing Coming Up?

Getting notified that you have to appear for a Removal Hearing can be devastating news, to begin with. While you are left with the thoughts of being removed from the United States, not knowing how to proceed when you receive a “Notice to Appear” (NTA) is what makes things worse for your case. Whenever someone residing in the U.S. is called in for the Removal Proceedings, there are generally two categories that they may fall into. Either they’ve been charged as ‘removable’ or ‘inadmissible’ under the U.S. Immigration Law. The primary difference between the two, however, is that removability applies to the people that are legally allowed to be in the U.S. While inadmissibility is applied to the ones that are trying to gain access to the United States. Either case, not knowing how to prepare for your Removal Proceeding is what can deliberately make things a mess for you to begin with.

Prepare for Your Removal Hearing – What Are The Things You Must Know?

It is essential to make sure that you are aware of the ins and outs of the removal proceeding. Although finding out a way to defend your legal right to reside in the United States is difficult for the familiar lot, hiring the best Houston Texas Immigration Lawyer can help you protect your case. Even then, it is essential to know the aspects you can cover on your own.

Know What You’re Charged With?

Before the date for the Master Calendar Hearing, the U.S government will send you the Notice to Appear. This would include the charges made onto you and the Notice of Hearing for your Removal Proceedings. These documents will include the details of the date and time you’re supposed to appear in the court! The first notice of the Removal Proceeding is typically mailed, but every other hearing would be notified to you or your attorney that you’ve hired from the best Houston Texas Law Firm.

Can Your Case Be Finalized on the First Master Calendar Hearing?

It is nearly impossible for any defendant to walk in for the first Master Calendar Hearing and get notified for being deported immediately! The first hearing is usually meant to regulate the further proceedings of your case! You might voluntarily request the U.S. government to give you the right to leave, or you may hire a legal professional or attorney from the Best Law Firm in Houston, seeking a reschedule for a full hearing called the Merits Hearing.

What Happens If You Don’t Show Up for The Removal Hearing?

Not showing up for the Removal Hearing can be terrible for your case. If the U.S. government establishes the fact that you have been issued the NTA and the Notice of Hearing, not showing up would ultimately result in a decision that would not be in your favor! The order of your deportation can be issued as per “In Absentia” that gives authority to the judge to get you deported if you fail to show up!