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Family based immigration involves the migration of people who migrate to a country due to family relations.

There are several sub categories of family based immigration, such as reunion with a family member who had previously migrated to the country, marriage to a citizen of the country or even international adoptions. Family based immigration is based on visa and residential permits of the people already residing in the particular country.

Why family based immigration?

There are several advantages of a family based immigration systems. The family based immigration lawyer suggest most of the people to opt for family based immigration due to several undeniable benefits, some of which are-

  • Family based immigration results in the growth and development of economy while also having a positive effect on community development.
  • It is commonly seen that family based immigration leads to a higher socio-economic productivity as compared to employment based immigration. It is mainly due to the increase in capitals investment in business which is advantageous not only for the immigrant but also for the economy as a whole.

Petitioners and beneficiaries

A petitioner is a person who submits a request to the government on the behalf of a foreign national relative. If this request is accepted the foreign national is granted the permission to submit an official visa application. On the other hand a beneficiary is the immigrant who wishes to submit an application for grant of visa to a particular country. Family immigration lawyer assist the petitioner as well as the beneficiary to submit requests for visa and immigration application.

Which family members are eligible for petition?

Most of the people get confused regarding the various details of the immigration system. However family immigration lawyer Houston can help individuals to get a clear idea regarding the various technicalities of an immigration application. If your loved one or any member of your family has been separated, you can file for a petition asking the government to grant them the permission to become a permanent citizen of the country. However it is important to note that not every family member can file petitions, only few of the relatives are allowed to file for petitions which are-

  • A spouse
  • A child under the age of 21 years
  • Any parent who are of atleast 21 years of age
  • Unmarried children of 21 years age or above along with their children
  • Married children of any age along with their children
  • Sibling or their children provided you are of 21 years age

Other relatives are classified under a preference system

Other than the immediate family relatives as mentioned in the above list, it is also possible for other relatives to file petitions with the help of family immigration lawyer Houston, for grant of permanent citizenship to their relatives in the following preference-

  • 1st preference- unmarried adult children of US citizens
  • 2nd preference- spouses and children of the US citizens
  • 3rd preference- married children of the US citizens
  • 4th preference- siblings of the US citizens

The advantages of family based immigration

Once you decide to move to a country, the first thought that comes to the mind is about the visa. However a family based immigration lawyer can help you deal easily with the entire process of immigration. A family based immigration system has several advantages not only for the immigrant but also for the country.

Family based immigration seems to garner a better economic development which is highly beneficial for the country. Getting an immigration acceptance in any country can be an impossible task. However if you apply for a family based immigration as a beneficiary, there is a greater chance that your application would be accepted. Most of the countries have started giving family based immigration visa more easily as compared to other types of visa.

How family based immigration lawyer Houston help?

While looking for legal counsel for your family based immigration, you can rely completely on our expert lawyers who deal efficiently with all types of cases. They know all the details regarding the immigration process and can help you in every aspect of the process. Whether you wish to file a petition for your relative, or ask for a grant of permission for permanent citizenship you can rely on the family immigration lawyer Houston.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes, you can act as a beneficiary and make a request for your own permanent citizenship if you have an immediate relative in the country.

In order to get a family based immigration you need to file petitions and submit applications to the immigration office which can then start the immigration process.

Yes, there is an added advantage of family based immigration. Most of the countries give priority to family based immigration applications which increases your chances of getting an acceptance

Several Factors Come in to play during an immigration process such as

  • Whether the petitioner has an immediate relative in the country
  • Whether the petitioner has a permanent and job in that country
  • Whether the petitioner can invest sufficient amount of money which is required for the immigration process.
  • What do I need to do if I receive a deportation order?

The moment you receive a deportation order, you must take immediate actions. You will need to hire a strong deportation defence lawyer who can develop a strong case on your behalf to avoid any chances of deportation.